THe Vinyl Vault


Date Friday 15 September, 2023
Start 19:00

Step into the world of sonic nostalgia with The Vinyl Vault – uniting passionate music lovers with a heart for analogue sounds. d DJ Tin Tin every groove spins a story and every scratch is a testament to the timeless magic of music.

DJ Tin Tin
DJ Tin Tin is a trailblazer in transforming jazz into dance grooves. Playing with iconic artists like Selia Cruz, Africando and Jules Deelder, DJ Tin Tin is renowned from playing at venues such as North Sea Jazz in the late 90s, Night Town, the Drum and Rhythm Festival and as Belvedère Verhalenhuis resident. As a vinyl lover and human jukebox, you can ask him about his 1000 records!

Special edition
Our resident DJ Caliente will be hosting his birthday with a BBQ


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