Ripa na Tulipa

Presale 12,50 - Student Ticket | Normal Ticket €15,-
At the door 18,50

Date Sunday 01 October, 2023
Start 19:30
Doors open 19:00

Attention: the concert hall is not accessible for wheelchair users, as there is no lift. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Ripa na Tulipa is a Brazilian Samba ensemble formed in 2020, dedicated to the research and performance of Brazilian music. The band members met at Codarts University of Arts, coming to the Netherlands from various countries (Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Brazil…), and found each other through their common interest in Brazilian music. 
The group is formed by typical Brazilian instruments: the Soloists, Flute, and voices, the bass guitar on the counterpoints and the Cavaquinho on the harmonies, and five percussion players that perform on various traditional Brazilian drums, such as the Surdo, Pandeiro, Repinique and many others. In the repertoire, the public can expect a showcase of some of the most notorious Samba composers and authors, and also original arrangements combining also different Brazilian rhythms such as Ijexa and Partido Alto, in a very dancing and diverse musical concert.

José Manuel Villegas Raigón – Vocal/Percussion
Rafael Durão – Vocal/Percussion
Markus Benjamin – Vocal/Percussion
Thiago Gama – Percussion
Lucas Zegrì Muñoz – Percussion
Angelo Ursini – Flute/Clarinet
Theo De Blasis – Guitar
Rafa Gama – Cavaquinho
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