Gidiki - Greek Folk With A Twist

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Date Tuesday 23 May, 2023
Start 21:00
Doors open 20:00

Attention: the concert hall is not accessible for wheelchair users, as there is no lift. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Gidiki is a band based in Athens. It was formed in 2014 and performed numerous gigs all around Greece, which always end up in a big dancing party. References to traditional Greek music and Rebetiko are interwoven with modern creativity and influences from punk and rock music.

In 2014 Tasos, Konstantinos, Kostantis and Christos started to experiment with several traditional songs from different regions of Greece. They quickly developed their own style and approach and it didn’t take long before they had built a loyal fanbase in Thessaloniki and Athens. This year they will visit the Netherlands for the first time.

Even though Greece isn’t a very big country, it has a vast variety in traditional music styles. Rhythms, scales, harmonies and instruments differ from one village to another and from island to island. The four members of the band play a variety of instruments (Greek lute, bouzouki, clarinet, Greek bagpipe, guitar, violin, percussion) with which they can cover the whole range of Greek traditional music, merging the vibes of different regions. The songs they play are sometimes centuries old, passed on from generation to generation of farmers, immigrants, fishermen and villagers, as accompaniment for village feasts, marriages and funerals. The songs tell stories of love, life, immigration and death.

The band:

Tasos Kofodimos – bouzouki, lute, vocals

Konstantinos Lazos – clarinet, bagpipe, guitar, vocals

Kostantis Papakonstantinou – percussion

Thodoris Sioutis – violin

Lead singer Tasos Kofodimos and Kostantis Papakonstantinou are also members of the band Largo and have both written soundtracks for film and theatre. Konstantinos Lazos also plays in well-known Greek folk-rock band Villagers of Ioannina City (V.I.C.) and has cooperated with Sleeping Pillow, Baildsa, TAU, etc. Thodoris Sioutis plays both classical music as rebetiko and is the newest member of the band.