HBS Fest

Presale 20,00

Date Friday 18 November, 2022
Start 18:30

Attention: the concert hall is not accessible for wheelchair users, as there is no lift. Sorry for the inconvenience.

| Student tickets are available! Students pay 10.00 euros for a ticket. Show your student ID at the door.

HBS FEST is a collaboration between all the residents of the HBS. We therefore warmly invite you to come and enjoy. During the day you have the opportunity (for free!) to see exhibitions by Guido Bosua (ChroreoChroma) and SeeHear, among others. In the evening we like to give a tour of the building with different routes and performances by our creators. On the 18th of November we have an awesome performance in New Grounds.

Mayomen in New Grounds
Mayomen means “our flow” in Fulani. The trio started of with voice and two classical guitars playing west African traditionals and arrangements of mbira music from Zimbabwe. By now the repertoire is enriched with own compositions and the use of subtle live electronics, keeping their minimal, delicate vibe in a chamber music setting.

Omar Ka: voice, acoustic guitar, Fula violin
Oscar van der Pluijm: Classical guitar, baroque guitar, baritone guitar, electronics
Raphaël Vanoli: classical guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, electronics

Every day there are different performances. So check this to see what each performance day and time has to offer.

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