Rotterdamse Dakendagen

Presale 8.00
Tickets must be bought through the Rotterdamse Dakendagen website

Date Saturday 04 June, 2022
Start 11:00

Attention: the concert hall is not accessible for wheelchair users, as there is no lift. Sorry for the inconvenience.

| The HBS building is part of a walking route: Centrum Nieuwe Westen. Tickets and more information about these routes can be found on the website of Rotterdamse Dakendagen: On our website you can find information about the concerts. The price (€8,00) is for the full route, including the concerts on top of our building. 

Every year there is a unique festival in Rotterdam… The Rotterdamse Dakendagen! This means that we get to visit Rotterdam in a completely different fashion than what we are used to. However, new views are not the only things we experience on these Rotterdam rooftops! There is also dance, theatre, music, and other activities on the beautiful rooftops of Rotterdam. New Grounds will be one of those places. On the 4th and 5th of June, there will be live music in the café, and ofcourse you can take a look at Rotterdam from our beautiful rooftop at the monumental HBS building.


Omar Ka & Friends ft. Bao Sissoko
Omar Ka, a friend of New Grounds, will invite his band and multiple friends to do an amazing jam session on our rooftop. Born in Senegal, he came to Rotterdam in 1994. He is a descendent of a century-old West-African nomad culture (Fulani) with a very rich music culture. He has made national and international success and has played with many known artists; such as Trijntje Oosterhuis and DJ Tiësto. For the Rotterdamse dakendagen he will mix it up, and make it a lively jam session! Think of a mix between Surinamese, African and Dutch music.
A special guest will also be joining all the way from Brussels, the Sengalese kora legend, Bao Sissoko. He learned to play the kora from his father, who played the instrument at the Senegal national ballet. Now he is showing the tradition of his country on the rooftop of New Grounds!

Omar Ka – guitar, singing
Bao Sissoko – kora
Michiel Moerkerk – percussion, ngoni
Oscar van der Pluijm – guitar
Satindra Kalpoe – percussion