Curator Hanyo tells..

Having the Plankton Orchestra performing at the New Grounds Opening on March 18th, 2022 was the perfect kick-off of our new venue. A 20 piece (!) orchestra of young musicians from around the world, living and working in Rotterdam. They mix styles, cultures and disciplines. From jazzscapes to electronics to rock to indie.

This time they brought the young and talented Maltese singersongwriter Alexandra Alden. We will host more of their sessions + special guests @ New Grounds this year, so better keep posted.

Also expect some great DJ’s like DJ Mo (she is the future). She opened the Grand Opening of New Grounds with her Sly Stonish funkset and DJ Gea Russell, for most of you he needs no introduction, offering you the best tunes you never heard, from dubby Jamaican ska to fifties American Songbook to oldschool and futurejazz to the roots of hip hop. Down at the basement cafe DJ Caliënte is ready to welcome spring with his tropical mixes. Here comes the sun and it’s alright!

This was just the kick-off of New Grounds. This spring you can expect much more unusual, eclectic experiments and special collabs. Some of these artists may not seem ‘your cup of tea’, but we will keep doing our very best to keep surprising you and bringing you the full spectrum of global sounds. Expect any styles, disciplines and cultures.

One of the coming highlights is flute player, composer Dasom Baek (Korea). She plays the traditional Korean flutes, including including Daegeum, Sogeum, Danso and Saenghwang, and mixes ancient traditions with mind easing ambient soundscapes. New Grounds invited her on April 7th for a preview of her headlining show at the internationally acclaimed Rewire Festival (The Hague).

Introduction to Dasom Baek

Rotterdam based producer Kems Kriol will host this special night with his unique mix of minimal techno, worldscapes and ambient trip hop. Soon he will return to New Grounds (TBA) for a new series of live sessions with special guests (musicians, dancers, vocalists).

Kems Kriol (feat. Wantee Teelapa)

But there’s more coming to the New Grounds. Previews, album releases (among which Tom Sochas) and unusual introductions. The place to be for new sonic explorations. Here are some of the highlights:

Muito Kaballa, a young afrobeat collective, that reminds us @ New Grounds of legends like Mulatu Astatke, Ebo Taylor and contemporary artists like Kokoroko and Black Flower. May 8th they come to New Grouns to present their new (vinyl) album, recorded at the Jazzanova Studios.

Muito Kaballa

New Grounds TIPS (to be announced soon) for spring-summer:

Ozferti (afrogrime, ethiohop, Nubian bass)
The Rain Dance Collective (atmospheric jazzscapes)
Power To The Pipo (funk, grooves, bop)
Spore Mystics (edm, psytrance experimental live impro)
SHIKI (contemporay classical, minimal, percussion)
Rotterdam Electronic Improv Orchestra (improscapes)

Much more coming, keep posted, send us your tips and hope to see you!

Hanyo van Oosterom, curator @ New Grounds