Curator Hanyo tells..

Having the Plankton Orchestra performing at the New Grounds Opening on March 18th, 2022 was the perfect kick-off of our new venue. A 20 piece (!) orchestra of young musicians from around the world, living and working in Rotterdam. They mix styles, cultures and disciplines. From jazzscapes to electronics to rock to indie. This time they brought… Continue reading Curator Hanyo tells..

New Grounds opens the doors

What a strange time we have all been through. After two years, there actually seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. For New Grounds, the right moment has finally arrived: we are officially OPEN! Saturday, March 19thDuring our opening party, we have a special line up for you, including: the Plankton Orchestra,… Continue reading New Grounds opens the doors

Salsa meets Jazz

The recurring event “Salsa meets Jazz” has become a hot spot for salsa lovers. Once a month, the dance floor of New Grounds is on fire! The evening is traditionally opened by the house band ‘La Banda NG’, which immediately warms up the visitors. As soon as the band hits the first note, the audience… Continue reading Salsa meets Jazz